Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2011 Choir Festival A Hit!

What a great day! We had about 800 kids from all over Oregon attend the festival this year and it was a blast for all who attended. Above is a shot at the end of the day with just a few of the kids that were able to linger while waiting for their buses.

Monday, April 11, 2011

2011 Oregon Children's Choral Festival

2011 Oregon Children’s Choral Festival!

The Oregon Children's Choral Festival was established in 1982 to provide an annual venue for school and community children's choirs to perform high quality choral music in the state of Oregon. The OCCF provides an opportunity for young singers aged 8-13 to meet and perform with other singers their own age in Oregon.
Each year hundreds, sometimes thousands, of young singers come for all over Oregon to attend this loved festival. Young singers get to perform for and received feedback from adjudicators and clinicians, some are chosen to perform for the whole festival and all choirs get to join in the mass pieces and experience the excitement and thrill of being in a world class performance hall!
Directors often tell us that the Festival is the highlight of their singers’ year because of all the fun, experience and music it brings to their education and lives.
If you’ve not yet been to the OCCF, you and your kids are in for a real treat. If you are a regular attendee, you already know what a great event it is… we’ll see you soon!

Guest Clinician – David Fitch

David Fitch is the conductor of the Young Men's Ensemble and Young Women’s Ensemble of the Oregon Children’s Choir. He has been the Choral Director at Shasta Middle School for the past ten years. He received his Masters degree in Music Education from the U of O in 1995. David also serves as a clinician, adjudicator, and guest director of numerous honor choirs and choral festivals. He has a well-known piano and voice studio and many of his students have become professionals in the field of music. Besides music, David enjoys spending time with his family, anything to do with the Ducks, and has also been known to play a round or two of golf.

Song Selection

The JourneyArr. By Joseph M. Martin
Shawnee Press, Inc.
E 0361 2-part mixed
Part 2 will sing men’s part one octave higher
Humpty Dumptyby Dave & Jean Perry
28546 2-part
Cantar! (Sing!)by Jay Althouse
19311 2-part

Rezonate! Back Stage at Hult Center OCCF 2011

Guest Performing Group


Click Here to Visit Group Site



Doors open to enter Hall
Session 1 with David Fitch
Groups Perform
Session 2 with David Fitch
Doors open to Hall
Groups Perform
Session 3 & Recording with David

Register Now!

1. Please download, print and fill out the Registration Form. (Right-click, Save As... or just Click it to Open)
2. Please also give us a quick email back indicating that you will be coming and how many you’ll be bringing! That will help a lot with our planning!
3. It’s been 6 years since the festival cost has been adjusted. We have found that the rising cost of the Hult Center and other expenses, along with the always variable number of attendees, we need to increase the cost of the festival to keep it viable. We’ve made arrangements to use either the smaller hall, the larger hall, or both halls depending on attendance. There is a sweet spot of about 500 people and then again from 1000-1300 or more to make things work. So we’ll be giving preference to the first responders on the smaller event size if we don’t get enough attendees to get into the large hall.

Spread The Word!

To help keep costs as low as possible, we won’t be sending out a paper mailing this year, and we don’t have a full list of email addresses for groups that might like to attend.
Please forward this email to any school or community music teachers that you think might be interested! Help spread the word!
We look forward to this year’s festival with great excitement!

Jennifer Searl - Oregon Children’s Choir
Bruce Searl – Festival Director
Aardvark Hill

You can use our Contact Us page to inquire about more information.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Official Site/Blog is up!

Welcome to the official site of the Oregon Children's Choral Festival! After some deliberation, we decided to do our official site in the blog/site format so that you can comment and interact more easily with us.

This will be a place where we can share some of our favorite choral pieces with one another so that we'll have a resource of songs that everyone can come to when they are looking for something great to sing with their choir.

Coming up soon will be photos and quotes from the 2011 Festival and the date for next years festival.

We'll be posting short articles about the history and goals of the festival, along with information about past and future guest performers and clinicians.


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