Order DVD Video's From Past Festivals!

Video DVD of the 2012 festival is available for purchase!

If you wanted to see you child performing on the Hult Center Stage but couldn’t come, now is your chance to get some memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

Just click on the Buy Now button and pay with PayPal or any major credit card through PayPal. It’s safe, secure, and easy!

IMPORTANT: Due to technical issues, the First Two Choirs that performed in the afternoon performance session (see below) are NOT included on the DVD. Sorry!

$15 + $3 postage and packaging

You can do a group order from your school also, just give me a call to find out how. Enjoy!

Note: We've edited out the general sessions and included two choir performances (missing audio on the first two choirs of the afternoon block L ), the mass choir recording session and the Minor Suspects guest performance (which won’t sound great because once all the kids started screaming… none of the guys on stage could hear themselves sing at all! ;-) It was shot with three non-zooming high-definition web cams, and mixed in real time. It looks pretty darn nice actuallly.


Groups Performances 
  Willamette Christian School Middle School Choir
  Corbett Middle School Cardinal Choir
  Oak Hill Choir
  Ridgeline Montessori Choir
  Oregon Children’s Girlchoir
  Youth Composer Feature - In The Sky Tonight by Jessica Searl

Groups Performances 
  Walker Wolf Pack Chorus
  Oregon Children’s Boychoir 
  Mountain View 8th Grade Choir
  Creslane Choir
  Edgewood/Willagillespie Choir
  Liberty Singers

Mass Choir & Recording Session with Debi Noel

Guest Performers   Minor Suspects - Oregon Children’s Choir Young Men’s Ensemble Acapella Group


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