Featured Youth Composer

Jessica Searl - 2012 Featured Youth
Composer, In The Sky Tonight

Each year, we take submissions from young composers and choose one to feature on stage during the festival!

Our goal is to inspire your kids to learn an instrument, compose their own music and perform it in front of their peers and other young singers to inspire them to become the next generation of not just lovers of music, but music creators!

Please encourage your singers to submit an audition. Even if they are not selected to be featured, the process will be a great experience for them and help them to take what might be a critical first step in learning to create and promote their own music.

Submission Guidelines

  1. All submissions must be sent in and post marked no later than March 1st prior to the festival.
  2. All submissions must be sent either electronically via email (bruce at aardvarkhill.com) OR physically via mail.
  3. All submissions must include your song lyrics (emailed or typed and printed) and a recording (.mp3 attached file or CD).
  4. By submitting an entry, a contestant: (a) certifies that the submitted work is original; and (b) grants a non-exclusive license to The Oregon Children's Choral Festival and Aardvark Hill to make and distribute audio and video recordings of, read, use, and publish the work in any form of oral, print, or electronic medium. You maintain your copyright on the work. If Aardvark Hill is interested in publishing your work we will contact you separately about that and offer a standard publishing agreement and license contract.
  5. Include the below downloadable Submission form and permission contract, signed and dated, by your parent or legal guardian, allowing us to use your composition and its performance as described.

Questions & Answers

Q. If I'm selected to perform, does that mean that OCCF/Aardvark Hill will become the publisher of my song?
A. While you do grant OCCF/AH permission to reproduce and distribute your song and your performance of it at the festival, you still maintain full ownership of your song and it's copyright. We are not your "publisher". However, if OCCF/AH is interested in publishing your song, we will contact you about this separately, discuss what that means and offer a separate publisher's contract for you to sign if you decide to become one of our composers!

Past Featured Youth Composers

2014 - Small Town Monarch's - Garage Band!

Patrick Feng - Lead Guitar/Vocal/Composer
Chandler Anderson - Drums/Lyrics
Maurice Cox - Bass




Alana Lukens - 2013
Featured Youth Composer
Angel In The Clouds

2013 - Alana Lukens - Angel In The Clouds  

  • Download the lyrics/chord sheet here - Free!
  • Download the lead sheet music/lyrics & mp3 recording of Alana singing - Angel In The Clouds - $5

2012 - Jessica Searl - In The Sky Tonight  

Jessica Searl - 2012
Featured Youth Composer
In The Sky Tonight
http://youtu.be/075QVywf6Pk - (Show this to your kids!)

  • Download the lyrics/chord sheet here - Free!
  • Download the lead sheet music/lyrics & mp3 recording of Jessica singing - $5


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