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Aardvark Hill - Publisher of great secular contemporary children's choral music and children's choir music, children's Christmas Musicals and contemporary worship music of large, medium and small churches. Aardvark Hill brings you this great festival and has nearly a dozen Festival Favorites! children's choral songs that were the favorite of singers and directors in the past 30 years of the festival. Be sure to check them out! Aardvark Hill - Words of the heart, songs of the spirit! - A Mouse Christmas is the enchanting re-tailing of the traditional Christmas story through the eye witness perspective of mice! This amazing children's Christmas Musical is filled with powerful songs that propel the story and touch young and old audiences alike! If you are looking for the best new children's Christmas musical play to do at your school or church, be sure to audition A Mouse Christmas!

Oregon Children's Choir - The OCC was founded by the same man who founded our festival. For over thirty years, the Oregon Children's Choir has given children of all ages something to sing about!


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