Chorister Responsibilities

Welcome to the state of Oregon’s children’s choral festival!
There are a few things we expect you to do as a participant:

1. Enjoy yourself by singing, moving, hearing, and observing in the beautiful Hult Center for Performing Arts in Eugene.

2. Be courteous at all times, and do not talk at all when someone is talking to you, be it the mass choir conductor, your teacher, chaperone, usher or other person in charge.

3. Leave your camera and tape recorder at home.

4. Stay with your group. If you leave the group, do not go alone.

5. Use the bathroom before and after the activities in the Concert Halls and other areas. You are not allowed to leave during the program unless you are sick. Take bathroom breaks only when there is a break in the schedule. Ask your chaperone for help if you don’t feel well.

6. Listen quietly to music made by others.

7. Follow directions given to you by the person in charge.

8. Sing with your best voice.

9. Follow the directions of the conductor.

10. Wear your name tag and Festival Button so others can read it.

11. Do not use the elevators unless you or the person you are with is disabled.

12. Keep your eyes open from the minute you enter the Hult Center. You will have time during the day to talk with each other about your experiences.

13. Keep your ears open to hear your own singing and others singing with you.

14. Keep a friendly heart open to meeting other girls and boys from many parts of the state of Oregon.

15. Be careful about eating your lunch. Put empty lunch bags and other garbage in trash cans or empty boxes that your lunches were carried in. If you throw food, you and your entire school group might be asked to leave.

16. If you are in the balcony and let anything fall on people below, you could seriously injure someone and you would be asked to leave the hall.

17. If you have to leave your school group, please go with permission, with a buddy and never be alone.
Thank you for coming to the Oregon Children’s Choral Festival! Have a great day with music
and a safe journey home. Your safety and musical education are our priorities.


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