Chaperone Responsibilities

Thank you for helping to make the Children's Choral Festival a success by serving as a chaperone.

Please help on these duties:

1. You are responsible for approximately ten children. Know them by name. Know where they are at all times. Pair each child with a buddy.

2. Check to be sure that each of your children wears a badge at all times showing the child's name and school's name.

3. Remind the children that cameras, tape recorders, radios, and sound playing devices are not allowed in the Hult Center.

4. Remind them that food and drink are not allowed in concert halls.

5. Remind the children that they must stay with their group at all times.

6. Be sure that the children use the bathrooms during the morning and afternoon breaks and after lunch. They will not be allowed to leave the Concert Halls during activities or performances unless they are sick.

7. If one of your children becomes ill, please take the child from the hall and enlist the aid of one of the Hult Center ushers for any facility or emergency care that may be necessary. The ushers wear uniforms.

8. Caution the children about the height of the balconies and the necessity of their staying away from the high railings. Do not allow anyone to drop anything from the balcony; it could be dangerous. The entire group may be asked to leave if anyone drops something from the balcony.

9. Speak with the children in advance about the importance of good audience behavior.

10. Help the children hang onto their belongings such as coats, hats, purses, and music.

11. Use the elevator only for someone disabled or sick and needs it.

12. Assist the teacher in charge of your group in any way that is necessary to provide a safe day.

13. Review the schedule with the music teacher so that you know what is coming next and where you are going.

14. Assist the teacher in collecting all lunches in a large box or bag and carry it into the Hult Center Lobby when you arrive. Place your lunches in the Hult Center Lobby by a perimeter wall outside of foot traffic.

15. When your choir or school sign or banner is being carried, make sure everyone in your group can see it and no one strays away and gets lost.


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