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2017 Schedule

8:30-9:20am  Registration - Hall open to enter hall @ 9:00am

9:30-9:35  Welcome

9:35-10:15  Session 1 with Guest Clinician

10:15-11:10  Group Performances * (8 choirs 7min each - Includes on/off)

     Creswell Middle School                             (27 DR Left w/Chris D.)
     Calapooia Middle School                          (37 DR Right w/Al V.)
     Youth Choir of Central Oregon                  (45 Studio w/Jim S.)
     Willamette Christian School Mid School   (15 DR Left w/Jacob S.)
     Memorial Middle School  Beginning         (10 DR Right w/Debbi N.)
     Memorial Middle School  Advanced          (24 DR Right w/Debbi N.)
     O'Hara Choir                                             (38 Studio w/Al V.)
     Kennedy Middle School                            (35 DR Left w/Jim S.)

11:10-11:45  Session 2 with Guest Clinician

11:45- 12:45  Group Photo in lobby - LUNCH!
     (12:15 Sound check w/Evynne Hollens) (Note: Due to union rules,
     lunch cannot be shortened)

12:30   Hall doors open

12:45-1:30  Group performances **  (6 Choirs 7min each - Includes on/off)

     Mandaue Children’s Choir (20min)        (25 DR Left w/Jim S.)
     Clinic Only - OCC Girlchoir                      (Art Gallery w/Jacob S.)
     Corbett Cardinal Choir (exit after MCC)   (45 DR Right w/Debbi N)
     Creslane Elementary                                (62 Studio w/1 Al V)
     Spencer Butte Middle School                   (75 w/No Clinic)

1:30-2:15  Session 3 & Recording with Guest Clinician

2:15-2:45  Evynne Hollens!

2:45   Dismissal

2:50-3:00  Board Buses and Depart

Special thanks to Oregon Children’s Choir Girlchoir and Boychoir, for giving up their performance slots to allow the Mandaue Children’s choir more time to perform for us this year!


Unknown said...

Live stream is so cool. It's better if I was with my son and wife in Eugene right now but this is the next best thing! Thank you.

Emma Jasmine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emma Jasmine said...

Thanks for the schdule

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