Questions & Answers

1. What time do we arrive and where do we report? Arrive and register between 8:30-9:15am in the Hult Center Lobby, at the registration table.

2. Do we bring a lunch?  YES! A healthy sack lunch and bottled water for each singer and chaperone/director. You’ll want a box to put them all in along the wall in the lobby until needed.

3. Can we eat outside if the weather is nice? Yes!

4. We have the three songs learned. Are there any more? Nope! Other than the song(s) you want to perform for everyone. (Since we are in one hall only this year there is only time for one-two song(s) per group ;-)  If we have more choristers next year we’ll go back to two halls which will give us more performance time.

5. Do we bring music? We hope that your choristers have memorized all their festival music. If you've got it memorized you don't need to bring it.

6. Do I need to bring music for the adjudicators? Yes! Please bring two extra copies of the piece(s) for the adjudicators if you are going to perform on stage.

7. How much time do we have to perform on stage. If you are selected to perform on stage, you have 5 min. to get on stage, perform your song and get off stage. That really leave time for one song. If we have more time, we may optionally offer 7 min. of time, but we would notify all performing choirs if we do that.
8. Is there wheelchair access? Yes.

9. Can I bring more kids/chaperones at the last minute? Yes, just pay the difference when you register.

10. Will we be reimbursed for kids/chaperones that don’t show? Sorry, we probably can’t do that except for extreme circumstances so that we can cover the facilities costs. (Talk with us if you think you have one of those).

11. Can we sit somewhere different than we were assigned? No. Not after we spent all that time coloring our chart with pretty colors! ;-).

12. Will there be a festival next year? YES! We are sorry that we had to skip last years but feel that we are on track to continue and help it grow. Please help spread the word!

13. May we leave the performance hall during the festival? No, except if accompanied by a chaperone.

14. May local parents/visitors come to the afternoon session and guest group performance? Yes. There is a minimal fee to cover the Hult Centers Patron Fee of $5 per person. Please Pay at the registration table. You'll probaby recive a Festival Button to wear to get you in!

15. Is there an emergency number available during the festival? No, Please contact your choir director or lead chaperon.

16. Lost and Found? Yes, we’ll have any items at the registration table. Please check it before you head home!

17. I’ve heard that “Wiggins” will be at the festival. Can my kids get her autograph? Yes! Wiggins will be available to sign autographs during lunch and after the festival in the lobby.

18. Can I get a copy of Jessica Searl's Song? Yes. We will be putting the words and chords to Jessica's song on the site soon after the festival. We may also put the music online for sale.

19. Can I or my choristers take photos inside the hall during the festival? Sorry, No Flash photography is allowed inside the hall during the festival. Directors, or Parents who know how to turn their flash off may take photos if they wish but must send us copies of their best ones so we can use them to promote the festival! (Thanks!)

20. Is anyone taking photos this year? Yes, maybe, some at least ;-) That is still pending. We may have a group shot setup on the stairs to the Soreng Theater in the lobby. Candid’s will be shot at lunch and other times throughout the day. There will be a Mass Choir Full Group Shot in the lobby after the festival!

21. Will there be Video of the Festival Available? No. Unfortunately, orders in past years have not offset the cost of having someone come video the festival.

22. Live Webcaste! - Most parents can't attend the festival so this year we are providing a Live Stream Webcast of the event this year. Just click on the WATCH LIVE! tab above and follow the instructions! There is a small fee to cover the streaming. Easy, secure credit card payment through

23. When can kids go to the bathroom? Please have your kids go to the bathroom before the first session, before they sing (while down in the hall back stage), and before coming in from lunch break. Please do not take kids out to the bathroom during any other times unless it is a real emergency.


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