If you've never been to the festival, or have not been in a few years, read what some festival fans have to say about their experience.

2014 Festival

The Oregon Children's Choral Festival is the best festival around! It's non-threatening, exciting, fun, and a great experience for my choirs. We love it!

Tim Walters
Madison Middle School

2012 Festival

WOW!  What an amazing day of musical talent!  THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting in so much hard work planning organizing this event.  The report from my kids was...."This is the BEST day ever!"  We truly appreciated the amazing experience of singing on the Hult Center stage - nothing can compare!  (I'm actually a little nervous to rehearse them on our little stage with limited lighting and sound now...... :-)  I am still a little shocked that our group received the award and am overwhelmed by the whole experience.  THANK YOU!

Thank you for impacting so many kids lives musically...such a blessing to be apart of!

LOVED your daughters song as well - so inspiring for many of my students who are already writing their own music!

Margo DeYoung
Music Specialist
Liberty Elementary Schools

2011 Festival

"Jennifer and Bruce, you guys are awesome for putting it all together this year. Rezonate loved performing for the kids and the kids loved Rezonate. Already, we have had two paying gigs come out of it. Thanks, guys!" - Chris Dobson

"Everything!  Honestly. . .I loved how excited my kids were about Rezonate! I thought having that group there was awesome!"

"The pacing of the event was fantastic. I really enjoyed the format and for the first time for running this festival I thought it went really well. I also liked having shorter performances."

"Selection of songs was just right, facility was great, organization was great! Guest group was great! Auditorium was great!"

"Had really great guests in David Fitch and Rezonate, good music for the mass numbers, and I really appreciated that everything pretty much ran on time."

"I loved listening to other schools perform, getting to sing on stage and share music. My girls LOVED Rezonate! I really think that having a guest group like that is important."

"I love that we actually HAD a festival this year and it was GREAT!
I also loved spending extended time with my students singing!"

"Facility was great, organization was great! Guest group was great! Auditorium was great!"


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